Recovery Plans: Endangered Species Act

I apologize to all, as I have not been able to post in quite some time. Getting used to the “new normal,” it seems as though I will have a lot more time on my hands in which to provide you all with some content on here. As many of you may know, I am […]

Ghost Fishing

It being October, I presumed that this concept would best make its appearance now. Most have already encountered this concept, without ever knowing. Ghost fishing is something that plagues every body of water on which commercial and recreational fishing occurs. This concept, like many others, takes one small thing and turns it in to one […]

How Hunting Helps

Growing up in a rural community, I had never met a single person who did not have at least one hunting family member. Once I arrived at college, that changed. There were some that were strongly against it, and some that, like my hometown, strongly advocated for it. Those from larger cities, those with different […]

Earth’s Rainforests, Our Storms

Welcome to my third blog post, and thank you all for your support thus far! Today, I chose to take a different direction. My first two posts were about the ocean, as that is something that I am passionate about. However, today’s post has taken a more “solid-ground” direction. Deforestation. Deforestation is something that plagues […]

Shark… Finning?

Ever since the discovery of the vast ocean, sharks have been the major predators of the sea. Much like the humans of our time, most actions are not recognized unless it is something the world thinks to be heinous. For this reason, sharks have got a bad wrap. We, humans, are not natural prey to […]

Who am I?

Hi, everyone! My name is Kayla. My family and I live in an average town in Northwest, Ohio. Surrounding us are primarily rural, farming communities. I know, “blogs aren’t typical in rural, farming communities”! My five siblings and I were fortunate enough to grow up outside of town, and have taken many a trip to […]